2nd, 3rd Week at a Glance: September 10 – 14


Read first 15 minutes of class.  We are going to start a study of narrative writing focusing on memoirs.  We will read and discuss one of several memoirs in small discussion groups.  Today you will select the memoir you will read and preview the books with your group of 4 – 5 students.  Each group will turn in a page with the title/author of your memoir, first & last name of each group member and book # assigned to each student.  You will have until next Friday to finish your book and be ready for discussion.  Today you will read the first scene (2 – 3 pages) and sketch a picture of what’s happening.  Include as much about the characters, setting, and conflict as you can.  You will share your sketches and discuss with your group.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class.   Six word memoirs:  We will read a variety of six-word memoirs.  You can find (and contribute your own) six word memoirs on the Smith magazine website.  (This site is not edited for middle school.  Maturity required.)  Write several six word memoirs reflecting on your life.  Choose your best one to copy on an index card and turn in for a bulletin board display.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. Memoir worthy experiences.  Take time to collect some of your most memorable moments before choosing which topic you want to write for your memoir.  Use the Questions for Memoirists to help you bring up those memories.  You should complete at least a page worth of ideas.  Check out the examples from me and a middle school student.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. Welcome to Google Docs.  You will type your work for class in Google Docs.  You can access your work from any computer with an internet connection.  Your username is your firstnamelastname17@jcsc.org.  Your password is you lunch#17.  Type your poem with any editing or revisions you want to make.  Then copy your poem to your blog in a new post.  Please follow these directions to copy text into a blog post.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class.  You should have read the first half of your memoir and have discussion notes ready to talk about.   We will discuss what you see and hear in a good discussion.  Then you will meet with your groups to discuss the first half of your memoir.  These discussion are graded.  You will turn in your notes.  I will also listen in on your conversations and take notes on your contributions.  You will also have a chance to evaluate yourself and your group members. If you are absent for the discussion, you need to complete the following one page assignment to turn in along with your discussion notes:  1) Write title and author of book on top line.  2)  Write a 1/3 page summary of what you read, focusing on most important characters, setting, and plot.  3) Write 2-3 discussion questions.  4)  Write 1/3 page reflection.  You might answer one of your discussion questions or give your opinion.  Click here for an example.
Homework: Read.

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