5th, 6th, 7th Week at a Glance: August 20 – 24


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Where I’m From Poem.  This poem started with the poet George Ella Lyon and has spread everywhere.  We’ll start by brainstorming a list of words and phrases that describe where you are from.  List family sayings and traditions, holiday rituals, things you like to do, the landscape outside your house or in your room, favorite memories from your childhood, people you love, favorite foods–anything that captures who are are  and where you come from.  Click here to see some of the things on my list.
Homework: Read. Complete your list of where you’re from–Due Wednesday.


Pretest.  We’ll get started on the pretest as soon you you come in so you have plenty of time.  Don’t worry, this test does not go in the gradebook.  It just lets me know what we need to focus on this year.  Hopefully, you will have time to read once you finish.  I will be in a meeting this afternoon, so make us look good for the guest teachers who will be with you.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class.  Use your list from Monday to create a list poem.  Start with the phrase “I’m from” or something similar.  Then choose several items from your list that seem to go together.  Then repeat the starting phrase and list several more things from your list.  You don’t have to use all of them–just the best ones.  Click here for my example and here for some student poems.
Homework: Read.


LIBRARY.  Library day is all about the books.  Miss Bowman will give us a brief orientation to the library.  Take advantage of the much bigger selection of books available.  Then we get lots of time to read!
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class.  You’ll need to bring your US History book again to practice reading a textbook.  Last week we discussed how to preview and predict before reading.  Today you will read a section to focus on character analysis.  Don’t worry, the character can be either the person or the object the section is about.
Homework: Read.

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