Week at a Glance: November 28 – December 2


Library Day!  This will be our last visit to the library as a class in the modular.  We will next go to the brand new library after Christmas break.  You can still check out books before school or during homeroom until the last of the books are packed for the move.  Please turn in books as you finish them.  I will pass out the December book order for a last chance to order books before Christmas.        
Homework: Read.  Choose five words for Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class.  We will brainstorm topics for editorials and practice framing the issues with controversial questions.  You need to decide on a topic!
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Choose a topic for your editorial.  Complete a planning sheet for it.  Put your opinion or position statement in a box in the center.  In each of four boxes around the edges, list an argument or reason why your position is right.  Under each box, list details to support your argument.  If you have time, start writing your first draft.
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study. 


Finish writing your rough draft of your editorial.  Once you have a rough draft, you need to type it.  Save it on your network folder (16yourname).  If you want to work on it at home, you may copy it to your flash drive as well.
Homework: Read.  Weekly Word Study due.


Finish typing your rough draft and print out a copy.       
Homework: Read.

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