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Where We’re From by 6th Period


Here is the video from my sixth period class.  It looks like a pretty good place to be from.

 Where We’re From by 6th Period

Below is the poem I wrote using their contributions:

We’re from
corn fields in the country,
fields and fields of corn and wheat.
We’re from
a hard-working family,
looking just like my aunt Carly,
going to Kentucky almost every month,
and doing fun stuff with my family.
We’re from
playing video games all the time,
playing on my iPod,
building and working on trucks,
riding horses a lot,
and showing horses in the Jennings County 4-H Fair.
We’re from
playing sports with friends
and skating and hanging with friends.
We’re from a family
that plays softball
and swims all the time.
We’re from
riding fourwheelers,
going camping,
hill skating,
and hunting with my brother.
Whether outdoors or indoors,
whether with family or friends,
we are from a place
where good memories are made.

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