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Who’s Your Author?

Now that I’ve graded all your research papers, I can say that I enjoyed reading them and learned some things about the authors you researched.  If you’re looking for another good book to read or author to explore, here are some you won’t want to miss!

Laurie Halse Anderson

Natalie Babbitt

Melody Carlson

Suzanne Collins

Caroline B. Cooney

Sharon Creech

Carl Deuker

Sharon Draper

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Jeff Kinney

Patricia McCormick

Lurlene McDaniel

Walter Dean Myers

David Patneaude

Gary Paulsen

Edgar Alan Poe

Rick Riordan

Who’s Reading What

You have been busy writing great posts using your vocabulary words and sharing your Golden Lines.  Once we get past ISTEP, you will come back to research the author of your book.  You may want to get a sense of other books your author has written.  Here you can see who is reading books by all the different authors even if they are in different class periods. 

Leave a thoughtful comment on at least five people’s blogs.  A thoughtful comment adds to the conversation by making a comparison, asking a question, or sharing additional information.  Look for posts by students reading the same author.  If you are the only one reading your author, choose authors who sound similar.

If I left you off or have you listed with the wrong author (some of you were absent and some of you changed your author), leave me a comment so I can update this post.

Reading News Flash

I have finally finished reading and grading all you memoirs.  Now I can dive into all those books stacked on the corner of my desk.  It’s a good thing Thanksgiving break is coming up!

I am impressed with how much all of you are reading.  Here are the totals from your reading reflections. 

  • Third period (with 24 students) has finished 74 books.  Megan M and Adam Do tie for most books read with 10 a piece.  Click on their names to see which titles they’ve read. 
  • Fifth period (with 23 students) is close behind.  They’ve finished 67 books.  These guys spread out the reading work.  Everybody (everybody who posted this blog assignment anyway) read at least two books.  Kayli P tops the list with 6 books. 
  • Next comes 2nd period (with 21 students) with a total of 64 books.  (Do you notice there are fewer students, here?)  Charity A has read 13 books, and Zach T has devoured 11. 
  • Sixth period (with just 19 students) has read 56 books.  Kayla M (10 books) and Ariel G (8 books) lead the way for this class.
  • Fourth period (with 26 students) has read 53 books.  Trinaty H gets top honors for completing 7 books. 

That means we have read a total of….(drumroll, please–just not on your desks)…314 books!  Way to go Pioneers!  That means we need to read 866 more books to reach our goal of 1200 for Scholastic’s Classroom Cares.  Can we do it?  YES, WE CAN!

I can’t wait to hear about the books you will book talk next week.  If you’re still looking for a good book to read, browse the titles on your classmates’ blogs.  There are some excellent suggestions.  Pay attention to the book talks to see what else sounds good.

I’ve heard of so many good books coming out soon that I want to read.  Here’s a science fiction one you don’t want to miss.  You can check out the first chapter of Across the Universe by Beth Revis on her blog.  Seventeen-year-old Amy agrees to follow her parents and be frozen for a 300 year journey in a spaceship to a new planet.  After reading the description of the freezing process in Chapter 1, I can’t believe Amy didn’t just walk away.  OUCH!  Anyway, she wakes up 50 years too soon only to discover that someone on the spaceship is trying to kill her.  If she can’t figure out who, her parents are next.  Who wants to buy me this for Christmas? 

So what book are you eager to pick up next?  Keep on reading!

Who’s Reading What Memoir

Do you want to know who else in other classes is reading the same memoir you are?  Now you can!  Click on the links to their blogs to leave your thoughts about the book as you read and discuss it together.  You can also learn some valuable background information by clicking on the NetTrekker link for each memoir.  Watch the video or explore the website to learn more.  Remember the username is middle123 and the password is student. 

Boy by Roald Dahl:  Courtney B., Zach T., JD D., Charity A., Adam Dr., Maverick C., Austin Mu., Austin Ma., Isaiah W.  Click here to learn more about Roald Dahl–his life and books. 

Going Solo by Roald Dahl:  Whitney B., Neal N., Gee M.  Click here to learn more about Roald Dahl–his life and works. 

Finding Fish by Antwone Fisher:  Mickey B., Preston F., Anthony E., Hank J.  Click here to learn more about Antwone Fisher.  Explore Antwone Fisher’s website to learn more about him. 

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank:  Sara V., Brittany H., Patience E., Jessi R., Baylee K., Baylee W., Ashton B., Maddy H., Carleesa B., Ariel G., Paige G., Tiffany B.  Watch a BrainPop video to learn why Anne’s diary is so important. 

Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton:  Hunter S., Kamryn S., Sydney K.  Watch a video about how science applies to surfing

Facing the Lion by Joseph Lemasolai Lekuton:  Alan D.,   Harrison F., Dalton C., Adam Do., Hayden D., Adam G., Donavon B., Wyatt C.  Click here to get to a video of the African landscape near where Joseph grew up.  You will even see some Maasai children. 

Bad Boy by Walter Dean Myers:  Elliott H., Austin F., Ethan A., Larry E.  Explore Walter Dean Myer’s life and books at his website

Caught by the Sea by Gary Paulsen:  Keegan B., Micahel C., Kayli P., Karlie R., Monica E., Meegan V., Blake C., Cole B.  Click here to to learn about sailing

My Life in Dog Years by Gary Paulsen:  Vyran P., Evan P., Kyle H., Wyatt D., Cory G., Ashley B., Dylan D., Alicea H.  Learn more about Gary Paulsen here

The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer:  Tequila L, Audrey W., Dakota R., Marissa W., Ariana Z., Emily R., Brianna S., Brooklyn M., Brooke S., Alyssa D., Andy S., Devin K., Emma W., Megan M., Shania Si., Cheyanne H., Trinaty H. Brittany P., Shelby G., Shelbi N.,  Abby W., Kassidy F., Taylor W. , Mak N.,  Michelle F., Kerri B., Mike C., Kayla M., Adi. G., Ryan H., Mistina H.   Learn more about Dave Pelzer on his website. 

The Cage by Ruth Minsky Sender:  Courtney H., Maia K., Emily D., Emily S.  Watch a BrainPop video to learn more about Holocaust. 

Night by Elie Wiesel:  Emily P., Tara T., Shania Sp., Katelyn P., Scarlett S., Justin W., Garret S., Ali B., Dariyn C., Keenan C., Tim G., Mel M., Dylan L., Riley O., Allie V., Kate E., Chase S., Matt C.   Watch a BrainPop video to learn more about the Holocaust.