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Tuesday’s Shakespeare

For our last video this year, I’m going to share another Shakespeare performance by Tessa Gratton.  This clip is from Helena’s monologue (speech by one person) at the beginning of A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  This play is  a romantic comedy with lots of mistaken identities.  Helena is basically whiny.  You can also check out a comparison peformance that Tessa did in high school.

PS – Tessa has offered to write a guest post for our blog. Come back later for more info!

Monday’s Shakespeare

Since most of you will be reading Romeo and Juliet next year in high school, I’d thought I’d give you a preview to look forward to. R & J is my least favorite of Shakespeare’s plays–Romeo is an idiot, but Juliet is brave. This scene shows her making the decision to drink the poison that will leave her to appear as dead. Can she trust the priest who secretly married her and Romeo? If you like it, leave a comment on Tessa Gratton’s blog. That enters you in a contest to win a copy of the book for tomorrow’s trailer.