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Storm Runners: Eruption by Roland Smith

Roland Smith provides an action-packed conclusion to the Storm Runners trilogy with Eruption.  Now that Chase Masters and his father are reunited after surviving a category 5 hurricane in Floriday, they are off to the aftermath of an earthquake and looming volcanic eruption in Mexico.  Will they be able to find the missing Rossi Brothers circus before it is too late?

It’s an oddball crew that heads south of the border.  In addition to Chase and his dad, Tomas (his dad’s partner) is anxious to find his brother Arturo who travels with the circus and check on his family who lives in the shadow of the volcano.  Nicole Rossi begs to go along since it is her mother and sister who are with the circus in Mexcio.  Finally, rebellious journalist Cindy and cameraman Mark round out the search party.  Unforeseen complications (unstable landslides, steamy ash, escaped tigers, desperate bandits) cause the group to split up.  As Chase struggles to survive, he learns secrets about his father’s past.

Like the first two books in the series (Storm Runners and Surge), packs excitement and adventure into a quick read. I hope once students read these, they will be eager to dig into some of Smith’s longer adventures such as Peak or Elephant Run or Cryptid Hunters.

Storm Runners by Roland Smith

Hang on to your hats for not one, but two (with a third to come later), stories filled with excitement and danger.  Roland Smith once again creates nonstop action and these short page-turners.

In Storm Runners (Scholastic 2011), Chase Masters has been on the run ever since his dad was struck by lightning as they follow the path of destruction left by tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.  Now they are in Florida where a category 5 hurricane is rushing towards shore.  In spite of the bad feeling in his gut, Chase gets on the school bus to head home in the gathering storm.  The bus ride soon turns into a nightmare when it slides off the road.  Can Chase and his friends Nicole and Rashawn survive all the storm throws at them, not to mention the alligators?

Storm Runners: The Surge (Scholastic 2011) picks up the story on the back side of the eye of the hurricane.  Back at Nichole’s family’s farm (which is the winter home of the Rossi Brothers’ Circus), the survivors must deal with rising floodwaters, escaped lions, and a very pregnant elephant.  Hector, a dangerous and unpredictable leopard, is also on the prowl.  Did they survive a hurricane just to be stalked by deadly animals?

Book 3, Eruption, will be coming in 2012.

Peak by Roland Smith

peakPeak Marcello was born to climb.  Both his mom and dad were rock rats before he was born.  Now his dad leads teams of climbers to the top of the world–Mt. Everest.  Mom has remarried and settled down in New York with Peak and his younger twin sisters.  There’s just one problem–New York City doesn’t have many mountains.

Once Peak tires of the indoor climbing walls, he seeks a new climbing challenge–skyscrapers.  Now on his sixth skyscraper ascent, Peak runs into a problem.  Actually, two problems.  First, his face gets frozen to the side of the building.  Second, cops are waiting at the top.  After another kid dies in an attempt to be like Peak, the judge is ready to make an example of Peak and lock him away for years.

Josh Wood, Peak’s dad, flies halfway around the world from Thailand to offer Josh a way out.  He offers for Josh to disappear–poof–and live with him in Thailand.  Once on the plane, though, Peak learns that the plans are changing.  Instead, Peak ends up in Tibet as the latest climber on Josh’s permit to summit Everest.  Josh and his trusted Sherpa/Bhuddist mon Zopa each have their own reasons for helping Peak reach the highest point in the world, but neither is willing to share those reasons with Peak.  Can Peak trust either of them to get him safely up and back down a mountain littered with corpses?

Roland Smith creates a story with non-stop, heart-pounding action in Peak.  There is no more challenging setting than Mt. Everest.  Peak is filled with compelling characters and danger–both from the mountain and from the Chinese soldier who is sure they are up to something.  Once Peak started up the mountain, I did not want to stop reading until he reached the top–or as far as the mountain would allow. 

If you can’t get enough of Everest, check out these two true stories of  Everest climbs that first peaked my interest.  Into Thin Air by John Krakauer tells the story of one of the deadliest climbing seasons ever.  Within Reach:  My Everest Story by Mark Pfetzer is a memoir about a summit attempt by one of the youngest to ever attempt to summit Everest.