The Haunting of Derek Stone by Tony Abbott

imageThe Haunting of Derek Stone by Tony Abbot includes two books in one cover:  City of the Dead and Bayou Dogs.  It’s a good thing the two books are packaged together since the action doesn’t stop between them.  The only bad news is that there are two more books to complete the series, and now I’m left hanging until I can find The Red House and The Ghost Road.

Derek Stone survived a train crash in Bordelon Gap.  His dad and brother are missing and presumed dead.  Then when Derek’s older brother Ronny shows up days after the crash, things really start getting weird.  Derek can now hear the voices of the dead calling to him, but only in his bad ear.  As Derek searches for answers to what is going on, he discovers an nearly identical train crash at the same gap in 1938, receives help from an old blues musician who survived that earlier crash, and finds himself on the run from the dead who are returning in droves.  For some reason, they want Derek and will stop at nothing to get him.  Somehow, Derek knows or has something they want because of his near-drowning in the bayou when he was four years old.

I’m not normally a fan of scary ghost stories (I get nightmares), but I got caught up in the heart-pounding action of these books.  I am most definitely intrigued by the mystery raised with Derek’s haunting.  Just who saved him so long ago in that bayou and just what did he see that night?  What is going on with his dad who pops in and out of the story. I’m even growing to like Ronny–or Virgil–or whoever he is mixed up in one body.


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