2, 3 Week at a Glance: October 29 – November 2


Read first 15 minutes of class. DPG Week 5 (Daily Grammar Practice):  parts of speech. Read a collection of student written book reviews.  What do you notice about how they are written?  How do they start?  How do they end?  What kind of information is given?  What is not given?  How are they organized?
Homework: Read.  


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – Sentence parts and phrases. Use a planning sheet to think on paper.  What information from and opinions about your book do you want to include in your review?  Make a list of ideas.  Once you have written down what you want to include, think about how you want to organize it and start drafting.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – Clauses and sentence types.  Write a lead for your review.  Try a couple of different approaches and choose the one you like best.  Then finish your review.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – punctuation and capitalization. Where do people publish reviews?  Think about who might be interested in your review and write for them.  Finish drafting your review.
Homework: Read.  


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – Diagramming sentences. Add links for each of your Blog Buddies.  Leave comments on at least one post for each of your blog buddies.  Copy each comment into a Google Docs document so you can print them out on one page and turn in for a grade.
Homework: Read. First book reflection blog post due.

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