We met Stephen McCranie!

Graphic novelist Stephen McCranie met with my sixth period language arts class on Tuesday afternoon thanks to Skype.  It was amazing and fantastic For this class is filled with talented artists.  They also devour graphic novels, so I thought they would enjoy seeing an artist at work.  I was right!  Here is my class with Stephen.









I wish everyone could have seen Stephen and my students create a story together about a girl who wanted a boyfriend with pudding.  To escape her oh-so-embarrassing parents, she rides a crazy horse to school.  It was like magic to see the characters come to life before our eyes on the big screen.  Check out the pictures from our visit by clicking on the link below. After several more drawings and lots of questions, it was time to say goodbye.


I can’t wait to share the Mal and Chad books with the class.  Come back soon to find out what they think of the books.  In the meantime, you can check out what Stephen is up to by clicking on the links above or by following him on Twitter @stephenmccranie.

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