Look what we’ve been reading!

You guys have blown me away.  Now that you are getting into the reading habit, you are breezing through books.  I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the books you are reading.

The grand total so far….(drum roll, please)…. 130  students have read 964 books.  That’s an average of  7.4 books per student!

Here is what it looks like by class period:

  • 2nd period:  31 students have read 316 books, for an average of 10.2 books per student.
  • 3rd period:  21 students have read 220 books, for an average of 10.5 books per student.
  • 5th period:  25 students have read 127 books, for an average of 5.1 books per student.
  • 6th period:  29 students have read  154 books, for an average of  5.3 books per student.
  •  7th period: 24 students have read 147 books, for an average of 6.1 books per student.

Many of you have accomplished great things this first grading period.  Click on the links for my class blogs (on the right side) to read beautiful poetry and see what my students are proud of accomplishing as well as their goals for continued improvement.

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