5th, 6th, 7th Week at a Glance: October 1 – 5


Read first 15 minutes of class. DPG Week 2 (Daily Grammar Practice):  parts of speech.  The Rule of Thoughts and Feelings.  The power in a memoir comes from getting inside the head and heart of the main character–that’s you.  One way to do that is to give the reader your thoughts and feelings throughout your story.  Complete a peer conference to look for places where you can add your thoughts and feelings to your memoir.

Homework: Read.  


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – Sentence parts and phrases. Type revisions into your memoir draft that is saved in Google Docs.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – Clauses and sentence types.  Edit and turn in memoirs.
Homework: Read.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – punctuation and capitalization.  LIBRARY!  Once you find a book to read, you may work in your groups on your book project.
Homework: Read.  Typed draft of memoir due Tuesday.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. DPG – Diagramming sentences.  Revise poems and publish on your blog.  You can copy and paste once you have corrected your mistakes and added an ending line.
Homework: Read.

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