Rush for the Gold

I think I have read my favorite John Feinstein book yet.  Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympics uncovers yet another sporting scandal.  This time Stevie is on his own (well, Tamara and Bobby from the Washington Post and Herald are with him) to figure out what the sleaze bags are up to this time.  This time, Susan Carol is the athlete, competing at the Olympics in the 100 and 200 butterfly.

Susan Carol swam out of nowhere to become the “It-girl” of the London Olympics.  Her father has signed contracts with agents who promise millions–if Susan Carol can make the Olympic team and win a gold medal.  Now her life is spinning out of control in a swarm of media and sponsors.  Will she be able just to swim and hang out with Stevie?  Will Stevie uncover the scandal before it’s too late?

I found myself out of breath reading all the way through this one.  The swimming races were exciting and down to the wire.  The agents and various others were complete sleazeballs.  And as always, I enjoyed seeing behind the scenes of one of the biggest sporting events of all.  It will probably be the closest I ever get to an Olympic game.  I have a few more past mysteries to catch up on, and I am looking forward to Stevie and Susan Carol’s next adventure.

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