Fun on a Friday: Drama by Raina Telgemeier

I absolutely loved Raina Telgemeir’s first graphic novel, Smile–a memoir from her own middle school years.  I can tell you that it has not stayed on my shelf since school started.  My students are passing it hand to hand.  I was so excited to learn that Telgemeir had a second graphic novel coming out, Drama.

Drama surpassed all that I hoped it would be.  The artwork and dialogue combine to tell a story that captures all the drama behind the scenes of a middle school production.  Callie loves the theater, but her talents lie backstage.  This year she is the set designer for the production of Moon Over Mississippi.  She has grand plans (and a middle school budget) to bring the set to life, including a working cannon that fires confetti–if she can get it to work.

In addition to the challenges of building and painting sets, she is drawn into drama on and off stage.  She hopes her crush (the older brother of one of her stage crew friends) will finally notice her.  The lead actor and actress might be really in love, or their relationship might explode in the middle of a performance.  Two new boys join the drama crew and present Callie with more possibilities for romance and friendship.

Telgemeir presents a heartwarming and delightfully funny story that explores the every shifting relationships of middle school.  I can’t wait to release this new book into my classroom.  I’m sure I won’t see it for a long time.  While you wait to read it for yourself, enjoy the book trailer!

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