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Sources of Light by Margaret McMullan


Over the past several years, quite a few books that focus on the 1960′s in the U.S. have come across my path.  I am still trying to wrap my brain around the violence and hatred that percolated–and often erupted–throughout our country during that decade.  Margaret McMullan’s Sources of Light is one story that you will want to add to your TBR pile and let transport you behind the dark shadows that fell across Jackson, Mississippi the summer of 1962.

Sam and her mother must make choices that will change the course of their lives.  Will Sam fall for the wrong sort of boy?  Will the girls ever accept her with her hand-me-down clothes?  Will she ever understand the anger and hatred confronting the lunch-counter sit-ins and voter registration drives?  Then a gift of a camera opens up the world in a new way for Sam.  As she clicks the shutter and develops the pictures, she reveals truths that not every one is ready to see.


  1. This book sounds really good. I really want to read it.

  2. I plan to read this book someday

  3. I feel like I read to much some times.

    • Can you really read too much? Okay, maybe if you refuse to feed your family or if you don’t do your homework, you might read too much. Enjoy those books and magazines and everything else you read!

  4. This sounds like a good book. What makes it sound better is that it doesn’t seem as if the author over thought it too much, like a lot of them do. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone but me, though…

    • Margaret McMullan does give you a lot to think about in this book, but she doesn’t hit you over the head with with. Instead, the story just sneaks into your head and heart. I hope you like it.

  5. Good book.

  6. looks likes a great book can’t wait to read it.

    • I enjoyed it. Even though I’ve read other books set it the 1960′s, it still surprises me how violent it was. It must have been scary to live through it all. Not only were people fighting over integration, but everyone was scared of the Soviet Union dropping a nuclear bomb on the US.

  7. It sounds like a very good and entertaining book to read.

  8. For as much as you read, book worm would be an understatement!

  9. You read alot almost to much.

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