5th, 6th, 7th Week at a Glance: August 8 – 10

Welcome back!  I’m excited to begin a new school year together with you.  Here is what you can expect this first week.


Come in and find your seat.  Yes, your names are on your desks.  Check the board for your assignment.  Read the quote and write down your thoughts about it on a sheet of paper.  Discuss with the people at your table.  Take home my letter to your parents (you can read it, too) and our class rules.  The class rules need to be signed and brought back by Monday.  You have three options for completing the letter assignment.  1) Your parent or guardian writes a letter telling me all about you.  2) Another adult (aunt or uncle, grandparent, neighbor) writes a letter telling me all about you.  3)  You write a letter telling me all about you.  It is also due on Monday.  You should also have all of your supplies for class by Monday.  Click here for more information on supplies.  The goal for today is a book frenzy.  By the end of class, everyone should have chosen your first book to read.

Thursday & Friday

Bring your book because you will read the first 15 minutes of class.

Interview a classmate:  Choose a partner–the person in class you know the least about.  Take five index cards.  Number the cards 1 – 5.  Complete each section.

Card 1 (3 minutes):  Write down five questions you want to ask your partner to get to know them better.

Card 2 (5-7 minutes):  Ask your partner your questions.  Record his or her answers on your second card.  If you are getting just yes or no answers, rephrase your questions and ask them again.

Card 3 (3-5 minutes):  Look over the answers to your questions.  What surprised you?  intrigued you?  What do you want to know more about?  List 5 more questions on your third card that FOCUS on that one thing.

Card 4 (5-7 minutes):  Ask your questions and record your partner’s answers on your fourth card.  This time, try for direct quotes, significant words which show the voice or uniqueness of the person.  Note body language, too.  (How does the person respond nonverbally to your questions?)

Card 5 (11 minutes):  Develop a draft of a piece of writing which would help a reader get to know the person you are interviewing, OR about anything you heard your partner say that you would like to talk more about.    Follow the writing wherever it takes you.  Try for direct quotes.  Pay particular attention to your LEAD, or beginning.  Click here for examples of different ways other students and teachers begin their writing

Once your draft is done, we will revise for more specific word choice – especially nouns and verbs.  What general nouns can you replace with something more specific?  For example, can you replace dog with German shepherd?  What verbs can you make more action-filled?  For example, how many verbs can you think of that could replace walk?


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