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Slob by Ellen Potter


I thoroughly enjoyed Slob by Ellen Potter even though it was not at all what I was expecting.  I didn’t expect to be amazed by Owen’s intelligence and courage in facing up to the bullies in his present and to the secrets in his past.  I wanted to be able to invent gadgets like the booby trap to catch the Oreo thief stealing from his lunch every day.  Owen’s most important invention just might shine truth on the terrible secret from his past.

I didn’t expect to be impressed with Jeremy’s stubbornness and loyalty.  She may be loud and sometimes obnoxious, but she will do anything to stand by her brother.  It took me a minute to figure out why Jeremy was a she, but I soon figured out why she would lead the GWAB (girls who want to be boys).

I didn’t expect to be horrified by Mr. Wooley, the gym teacher who terrorizes Owen in PE class.  He is truly diabolical in the torments he creates.  I cheered when Mason outsmarted him and when Owen finally stood up to him.

I didn’t expect to enjoy the secondary characters so much either:  Mom, who has the voice you want in your ear during a crisis; Nima, the Tibetan neighbor who makes delicious momos and gives wise advice; Mason, the misunderstood juvenile delinquent; and Izzy, the extra-tall best friend.

I think this book trailer is a good way to end.  Enjoy!


  1. Mrs. McGriff you should read the Tomorrow girls series they are great! I am reading one now. They are science fiction,too!

    • They look like my kind of book! You should see the stack of books at my house that I have waiting for me to read…and my wish list of more books to buy!

  2. I thought this book sounded like a cool book. I think I’m going to read it sometime.

  3. this seems like a cool book,would like to read it sometime!

  4. its a very interesting book..

  5. It seems like a really good book, i want to read it sometime.

  6. I loved this book, too-read it this past school year!


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