Storm Runners: Eruption by Roland Smith

Roland Smith provides an action-packed conclusion to the Storm Runners trilogy with Eruption.  Now that Chase Masters and his father are reunited after surviving a category 5 hurricane in Floriday, they are off to the aftermath of an earthquake and looming volcanic eruption in Mexico.  Will they be able to find the missing Rossi Brothers circus before it is too late?

It’s an oddball crew that heads south of the border.  In addition to Chase and his dad, Tomas (his dad’s partner) is anxious to find his brother Arturo who travels with the circus and check on his family who lives in the shadow of the volcano.  Nicole Rossi begs to go along since it is her mother and sister who are with the circus in Mexcio.  Finally, rebellious journalist Cindy and cameraman Mark round out the search party.  Unforeseen complications (unstable landslides, steamy ash, escaped tigers, desperate bandits) cause the group to split up.  As Chase struggles to survive, he learns secrets about his father’s past.

Like the first two books in the series (Storm Runners and Surge), packs excitement and adventure into a quick read. I hope once students read these, they will be eager to dig into some of Smith’s longer adventures such as Peak or Elephant Run or Cryptid Hunters.

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