Bullet Point by Peter Abrahams

I picked up Bullet Point (HarperTeen 2010) by Peter Abrahams expecting a sports story with a twist of mystery.  There wasn’t much sports since the baseball program at Wyatt’s school is cut for lack of funds.  The parting gift from his coach is a picture of the father at age 16. His resemblance to Wyatt is uncanny.   Wyatt transfers to another school, hoping to play baseball, but only one transfer is allowed.  His best friend Dub beats him to fill the spot, but offers a place to live with Aunt Hildy in Silver City until he can establish residency.

Even though Wyatt loses baseball, he finds more than he can handle in Silver City.  First is Greer, a hot, older girl.  Greer and Wyatt have something in common–their fathers are in the same prison just outside Silver City.  Greer’s father is in for arson, Wyatt’s father for murder.  Wyatt questions if his father is guilty or took the fall for someone else.  He follows the mercurial Greer on a quest to learn the truth.  It just might be the biggest mistake he’s ever made as events spiral out of control.

I first read Peter Abraham’s Echo Falls series (Down the Rabbit Hole and Behind the Curtain) and loved Ingrid.  Bullet Point is much grittier and edgier.  It’s every bit as well-written, but much darker.  Just as in life, there are no easy endings, and actions have consequences.

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