5th, 6th, 7th Week at a Glance: April 23 – 27


Read first 15 minutes of class. Yes, it’s true.  ISTEP is coming up next week.  We will spend some time getting you ready this week.  Up today is a review of what kinds of questions to expect on the rest of the test and the vocabulary of key test question words.  Brainstorm a list of test-taking strategies that you have used in the past.  Which of these can you use next week?
Homework: Read. Choose five words for Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class. There are four kinds of questions that you will find on ISTEP:  Right There, Think and Search, Author and Me, and On My Own.  Understanding the relationship between these questions and answers can help you pick the correct answer.  Read the article on “Homework.”  Answer the questions and identify the type of question it is.
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. Now it’s your turn to write the questions.  Read the article “Is Facebook Turning You Into a Monster” and write practice ISTEP questions.  Write one of each kind of question.  Turn in your questions.
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. Use what you have learned to answer the questions your classmates wrote about the Facebook article.
Homework: Read.  Weekly Word Study due.


Library day!  This is your last chance to check out library book for this school year.  After ISTEP, the library will be just collecting books.   Make sure you round up any books lurking in your locker or under your bed.  Don’t worry.  You will still be able to check out books from my classroom library!
Homework: Read.

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