2nd, 3rd Week at a Glance: April 23 – 27


 Read first 15 minutes of class.  Due to the trips to the high school on Thursday and Friday, students did not have a chance to practice their poems.  Today we will mark poems for performance.  Think of what verb best expresses the emotion you want to convey for each line.  Write the verb next to each line and practice reading it with emotion.

Homework: Read. Choose five words for Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Poetry Slam performances.  I can’t wait to hear you perform your poems!
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. ISTEP Review.  Yes, the second round of ISTEP is coming next week.  We will review terms and types of questions.  Read the “Homework” article and answer the practice questions.  Analyze each question.  What information do you need to know to answer it?
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first fifteen minutes of class.  Read the “Is Facebook Making You a Monster” article.  Now you get to write your own ISTEP practice questions.  Write one of each type of question:  Right There, Think and Search, Author & Me, On My Own.
Homework: Read.  Weekly Word Study due.


Library day!  This is your last chance to check out library book for this school year.  After ISTEP, the library will be just collecting books.   Make sure you round up any books lurking in your locker or under your bed.  Don’t worry.  You will still be able to check out books from my classroom library!
Homework: Read.

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