2nd, 3rd Week at a Glance: April 16 – 20



Read first 15 minutes of class.  Blog post:  Choose an “autobiographical poem,”  a poem that reflects something about who you are.  Choose at least four lines of the poem to copy into a blog post and write a thoughtful paragraph explaining your connection with the poem.  Remember to include a citation for the poem, inlcuding the poet, name of poem, and title of book you found it in.  Click here for my example.
Homework: Read. Choose five words for Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class. You will be performing in a “Cover Poetry Slam” on Friday.  You may work alone or with a partner.  Choose a short poem that can be performed in 1 minute.  We’ll brainstorm the qualities you should look for in choosing a good poem for performance.
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first fifteen minutes of class. Now that you have your poem, you need to make a script.  Decide who is going to read which lines.  Which lines will be read by more than one person?  Where should you pause or speed up for emphasis?  Which words should be spoken louder or softer?  What emotion should your voice convey?  What gestures would add to your performance?  Mark everything clearly on your script.
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first fifteen minutes of class.  Practice, practice, practice!  You should read your poem aloud as many times as you can today.  If at all possible, have your poem memorized.
Homework: Read.  Weekly Word Study due.


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Enjoy each other’s performances!
Homework: Read.

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