5, 6, 7 Week at a Glance: November 21 – 23


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Correct and publish your memoir.  Open your file on your flashdrive or network folder.  Make the corrections on your draft.  Then highlight the text and change to single spacing and size 12 font.  COPY your text.  Then go to your DASHBOARD and choose ADD NEW POST.  If there is only one row of buttons on top of the text box, click “Show/Hide Kitchen Sink.”  Then on the second row of buttons, click “Copy from Word.”  It looks like a clipboard with a “W.”  In the box that pops up, press CNTR-V.  Then click INSERT.  You have just copied your text into a blog post!  Check that it only copied once.  If it copied multiple times, delete the extras before you click PUBLISH.        
Homework: Read.  Choose five words for Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Check out examples of About Me pages from other students.  Once you decide what to share, create your own About Me page that shares your name (first name and last initial only), grade (8th), location (Indiana) and five “favorites.”  Choose from the categories brainstormed in class. Click here for more directions and links.   Then visit your blog buddies and leave comments.  The two morning classes have created new pages, so make sure to check those out.  The afternoon classes have published their memoirs and would love comments.
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study.


Read first 15 minutes of class.  Write a post telling what you are thankful for from this past year.  Once you have published your post, you can create your own turkey.  All you have to do is read and follow directions!.       
Homework: Read.  Complete Weekly Word Study. 


Happy Thanksgiving!  What book are you thankful for? 
Homework: Read.  Weekly Word Study due.


Enjoy your Thanksgiving break.  Don’t forget to relax with a book when you need a break from shopping!       
Homework: Read.

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