Fun on a Friday: Starring 5th Period

Here is the video poem from 5th period. It looks like a pretty good place to be from. Below the video is the poem I wrote combining all the contributions.

Where We’re From in 5th Period

We’re from
a little bit
of this and that
from here to there.
We’re from
vacations to Florida,
and going to Canada.
We’re from
playing basketball a lot,
riding dirtbikes and hunting,
driving go-carts and riding bikes everywhere.
We’re from
playing with mud,
riding fourwheelers in the woods,
and riding horses with friends.
We’re from
swimming every day
all summer long
and hanging out at the pool.
We’re from
listening to music and watching tv,
making tents with our bunk beds,
watching NASCAR with my dad,
and liking peanut butter.
We’re from
helping grandma in the garden,
living by grandma and grandpa
where guys’ weekends are a tradition.
We’re from
hanging with friends,
talking a lot,
and texting friends even more. 
When you put us all together,
we’re from the best year yet.

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