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Runaway Twin by Peg Kehret


runaway twinI love how Peg Kehret can take an ordinary situation and create a suspenseful story that I can’t put down in Runaway Twin.

Sunny Skyland has dreamed of finding her twin sister, Starr, ever since they were seperated at age three. When Sunny finds a bag stuffed with $820, she now has the means to find her long-lost sister. She has a picture of the two of them with an address written on the back for her only clue.

Along her journey, Sunny encounters bullies, learns to trust in the kindess of strangers, picks up a stray dog, and survives a deadly tornado. But it is not until she finds Starr that the real challenges begin. Ultimately, Sunny must reconcile her fantasy with her reality and make a choice about her future.

Peg Kehret’s books have been immensely popular with past students. Runaway Twill will fit right in.


  1. im doing a book project on this book and we have to do a cover that is not the actual book cover do u have any ideas on what part of the book i can draw

    • That sounds like a cool project. Have you looked at the covers of other books to see the different ways artists approach designing covers? A lot of covers have characters depicted–often holding something important to the cover. Other covers pick symbolic images to portray on the cover. I think either one could work for Runaway. How could you draw the main character in a way that shows who she is and even something about her journey?

  2. have they read “Abduction!” and “Im not who you think I am”? Those were my favorites.

    • I enjoyed Abduction, but I haven’t read I”m Not Who You Think I Am yet. Peg Kehret is a great mystery writer.

  3. i love this book alot! i am doing a book report on this book, and its a board game.

    • It’s been pretty popular with my students, too. I loved the ending–that not everything worked out just the way Sunny wanted–but it takes a lot of readers by surprise. Good luck with your board game.

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