Spruce It Up!

I hadn’t looked at my About page–or the other pages–in quite some time, so this week’s Kickstart Activity 3 – Add Some Muscle to Your Blog for the Edublogs Teacher Challenge was just what I needed. 

Back at the beginning of the school year, I dumped the letter I send home to parents on my About page.  I like the content of the letter (which tells a little about me and what to expect from my class), but it was obviously just a copy of an assignment.  I also included a poem I wrote that shares my vision for myself, my students, and the class we create together.  I liked the basics, but it could definitley use some spring cleaning.

One of the best features I found while browsing through other bloggers’ About pages was pictures–especially of the teacher then and now.  I saw it on several blogs, so I’m not sure who had the original idea.  Since I teach 8th grade, I dug through old pictures until I found one of me from way back when.  I also discovered that my friends and I took really bad pictures.  I also included a recent photo from last summer’s vacation.  Check it out on my new and improved About page.  The other changes were editing the text to take out the assignment part and explaining what the poem is.  I also added links where I could.

I next spruced up the other pages.  I have one page where my students can download extra copies of handouts in for their Language Arts Binder.  I also added some links to the Publishing Opportunities page.  I am always looking for new places my students can publish their writing.  What are your favorite publishing opportunities for students?

What do you think of the spruced up pages?

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  1. Mrs. McGriff
    January 19, 2011 at 4:09 pm (6 years ago)

    I like the pictures. I love photofunia, too. I made my avatar using it. I also like the links and your superpower. I wonder what mine is?


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