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Dig deep for details


A couple of years ago, Mrs. Coquerille gave me a very unique hat.  Here it is:

 mrs mcgriffs hat

How would you describe this hat?  Here are some of the words you came up with in the first round:  weird, wacky, ugly, vibrant, colorful, orange and red and green, scary, red fins, green dots, flashy, polka dotted, childish, fishy, black dot on front, dog face, big eyes, unique, tacky.

It’s starting to wake up, but it’s not quite there yet.  Look at the hat again.  What do you really see?  How would you describe the colors?  What kind of hat is it?  What do the fins and tail look like?  What do the eyes remind you of?  Dig deep to bring out those details that bring this hat to life. 

Here are some of those details:  two bulgy eyes as big as golf balls, googly eyes, banana yellow with grass green polka dots, a red horn sticks out in front like a giant pimple, red fins flap out the sides like ears or like rocket flaps, black lines edge the bill, crimson horn, deer in the head lights look, red drug free sticker on front, fire truck red floppy tail sticks out by velcro straps in back, black mouth open like about to eat a hot dog, thin, flaky fins. 

Now that you have dug for details, describe a character–me–walking into a room wearing this hat.  Leave your best description in the comments.  Now go and dig for details in your memoirs.


  1. bright yellow, red and white drug free sticker, 2 big eyes that are white with little black dots in them, a blackish/grayish dot in the front of the hat, a red horn looking thing that hangs down in between the eyes, green dots that go down both sides, and a red tail that is in the back of the hat.

    • I like how you describe the directions of the different parts of the hat–where they are in location to each other.

  2. i agree it is a very uniqe hat! it reminds me of clowns!! i no its kind of silly! it also reminds me of a fish or a unicorn. the mixtyres of different things make it very eye-catching!

    • I like the detail about how it is a mixture of different creatures–fish and unicorn. Some on Monday even thought it was a puppy, too.

  3. The hat is yellow with green dots around the edges. On the sides onf the hat there are little red things that i think are fins. On the back there is one more only i belive this to be a tail. In the center on the top are 2 big eyes and right below them is a big black whole i belive to be a mouth. Im gyuessing this hat is an exsited fish!

  4. A gross, yellow visor, with a dog nose on the bill. Big, wide eyes sit at the top, looking surprised. Dark green polka-dots surround the edges. A bright red horn sticks out the front, and two red wings flap out from the sides.

  5. it has a tail that is a cherry red, the front looks like a duck that looks sick.

  6. I think the hat is extremely othintic and it makes me fill creative the hats very exciting looking

  7. yellow hat, the color of mustard, but a bit more, the color of grass polka dots, a tad bit bigger than a quarter..the mouth, a big black dot, the color of night, about as big as the eyes but a little bit bigger.. a cherry red horn sticking out the front as if the hat was a unicorn flying ontop of Mrs.McGriff’s head..two cherry red horns sticking out the side to make it as if the hat can and white drug free sticker on front, right next to the left eye.

    • I love the line “a cherry red horn sticking out the front as if the had was a unicorn flying on top of Mrs. McGriff’s head.” I’ve always wanted a unicorn flying on top of me!

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