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I have your editorials to give back to you.  Overall, I am impressed with the passion you show for the topics you wrote about.  Now it’s time to let the rest of the world hear what you have to say.  Of course, you will post your editorial on you blog.  Before you copy and paste it, change the formatting to single space.  I also learned another trick to help it look better on your blog.  Copy your editorial from Open Office Writer.  Then click the far right button (Show/Hide Kitchen Sink) on the tool bar at the top of the new post box.  This will show a second row of buttons.  Click on the Paste from Word or Paste as Plain Text buttons (in the middle).  Follow the directions on the box that appears.  This should clean up any formatting issues from copying and pasting.

Where else can you shout your ideas to the world?  You might enter a contest.  Creative Communications offers an essay contest as well as poetry contests.  The essay deadline is not until July 15, so you will want to enter your home address for contact information.  There is a word limit of 250 words for the essay.  Of course, you can also enter a poem in the poetry contest. 

As you know, Teen Ink also publishes editorials.  Submit yours and see what happens.  I think that most of yours are as good as, if not better, than the ones you found on there.  Follow the directions on the website. 

If you would like a more local audience, submit your editorial as a letter to the editor at the North Vernon Plain Dealer and Sun.  You can mail your letter to Plain Dealer and Sun, PO Box 988, 528 East O & M Ave., North Vernon, IN 47265.  You will need to include your name and phone number.  You can also try submitting it on their Feedback from on the website.

Leave a comment telling where you submit your writing.


  1. mine is on creative communications

  2. I put mine on creative communications

  3. plain dealer&sun

  4. i posted mine on teen ink!!!!!

  5. I posted my essay on Creative Communications.

  6. I published mine on Creative Communications! :)

  7. I published my essay to Creative Communications.

  8. published on Teen ink.

  9. Im on and its on 1 of the contest things

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  11. i left mine on teen ink..

  12. I published my editorial on Teen Ink.

  13. I submited my work to the Teen Ink website

  14. Published mine on Teen ink and the creative writing website. Didnt read there was a 250 word limit so its on both… and im in your third period.

  15. teen ink.

  16. i published at Creative Communications
    josh fugate period 3

  17. i published mine on teen ink :)|abby alcorn|period 1♥

  18. This is marty and i published on

  19. i published mine on teen ink

  20. Mine is on teen ink

  21. i posted on teen ink vanessa spicer period 8

  22. mine is on teen ink:)

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