Online Reading Opportunities

This is the first year I have explored online resources for reading and writing.  I am so excited about what I am finding.  I have found blogs by some of my favorite young adult authors, blogs devoted to promoting reading for girls, guys, whoever, websites that publish fan fiction and student writing, even websites where you can submit and review books for publishing.  Each blog leads to more blogs and websites.  I think I will soon be overwhelmed with all that’s out there, but I do want to share them with you!

What can you learn from these websites?  Find out if your favorite author has a blog–get a look inside their brain as a writer and a person.  You can find links to some of my favorites on the right side of the page.  Today Laurie Halse Anderson shared several great websites of groups who are doing AMAZING things to promote reading for teens.  Just from this one post, you can read what Neil Gaiman (remember the trailer for The Graveyard Book?) has to say about libraries and hear his advice to young writers.  And here’s another blog to add to my list.  WAIT!  There’s more!  Laurie also gave me a link to a website/blog called Guys Lit Wire who are making a difference with Operation Teen Book Drop.  The guys at Guys Lit Wire are coordination with Readergirlz and several other literacy organization.  Now I have two more website to explore.  How many more will they lead to?  See what I mean about getting bigger and bigger?  One thing I like already, both Guys Lit Wire and Readergirlz, promote lots of good books on their sites.  Check it out.  Which books sound good to you?  Oh, did I mention that Laurie also linked to a political essay by JK Rowling.  That’s just from one blog entry today!

This is National School Library week?  Have you hugged your librarian yet?

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